Voice of CeOSA

Voice of CeOSA” is the Official Online News Magazine of the Centennial Old Students Association (CeOSA).  The name derives from the “Voice of Centennial,” a now defunct news journal of the Centennial Secondary School, Mattru Jong in the Bonthe District of Sierra Leone.

According to the 1967 Editorial by then Editor-in-Chief, Umaru Kabba, the name, “Voice of Centennial,” was suggested by a former student, I.H. Deen-Jalloh.

In a preface to the then newly resurgent first issue of the 1967 edition of Voice Of Centennial, this is what J. Allen Kpenge, the first Sierra Leonean Principal of Centennial Secondary School, had to say:

“The history of “Voice of Centennial” is nearly as old as the school itself.  It is not complimentary, however, to state that while concrete buildings continued to spring up here and there, shooting up strong the Monkey-apple trees on the campus, “Voice of Centennial” on the other hand staggered here and there, panting for breath, and at one time, almost lost control and fell.

 Its course retrogressed because of lack of an ardent moral and financial support on the part of both pupils and staff.  Since changes are almost inevitable in any institution, including Centennial Secondary School, such changes are gradually projecting themselves in all aspects of the school – even in “Voice of Centennial.”

 A new era has dawned on “Voice of Centennial”; a new page has been opened.  The need for a school magazine has almost become a necessity!  The school cannot afford to go without a news journal.  In answer to this, both staff and pupils have joined forces and put up a devoted and united front to regenerate  the old “Voice of Centennial.”

I, therefore, take this opportunity to thank the whole school for their added effort in producing the maiden issue of “Voice of Centennial.”  I also offer them good wishes for a successful continuation of this magazine, which, I consider another milestone in the history of this School.”

J. Allen Kpenge


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